Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Trump's market facilitation program is helping, but farmers say they'd rather have more trade and market access.

Corn and soybean farmers say they look forward to a new approach with lake Erie, although the issue remains a priority.

These two Wayne County farmers operate grain and dairy farms, with the goal of taking care of the land and their families.

Plagued by rain, the western Corn Belt is finally catching up with harvest, and wheat planting.

Continuous years of large crops and demand uncertainty makes grain storage attractive for Kentucky producers this fall.

Farmers needed the kind of weather we're having right now, and hopefully it will continue.

On Oct. 20, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., a course on value-added grain production and processing will be held at Small Valley Milling in Halifax, Pennsylvania.

Markets improve somewhat, following USDA reports, but harvest is a little on the slow side.

Crawford County farmer Casey Niese relies on the insight of his father and grandfather, and his college education, to succeed as a crop farmer.

A $6 million research project will take a unique approach to studying stalk lodging in corn and sorghum.