Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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The grain markets are up, at least for now.

The recent market rally felt good while it lasted, but was short lived.

It's only January, but the first reports from USDA aren't encouraging for the grain markets.

Nothing exciting has sparked the markets recently, and that's not good.

Both crop and livestock farmers expect certain things from the new farm bill, and here is a look at those expectations.

A new year is upon us, but we're not seeing much new in the markets yet.

The Ohio Grain Farmers Symposium was held Dec. 19 in Columbus, where trade and the farm bill were top topics.

As it stands right now, the markets act like they have gone to sleep. But that is sure to change headed into the new year.

U.S. feed grain and grain products exports were worth $18.9 billion in 2015, and supported $55.5 billion in economic output.

Cash receipts are likely to improve at the close of the current year, and into 2018, but farmers should take the good news with a grain of salt.
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