Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Local grains often get left out of the local food scene. Chatham University is trying to do something about that.

Vicki Vance was hired to do office work for J&R Farms. But it wasn't long before she was in the field, planting beans and running the grain cart.

The mentality of the paper traders is that “rain makes grain.” The reality on the farm is that rain makes mud balls and little yellow corn plants. Experts were left scratching their heads over the numbers in the June 28 USDA corn and soybean planting report, and the market's volatility echoed that confusion.

Much has been promised amid this ongoing trade war, but we still don't have the results we're expecting.

With all the positive talk about markets and trade, we're still waiting on the results.

Farmers keep holding their breath for good news, but time is running out and so is their patience.

This Delaware County grain farmer is an advocate for his industry — on his farm and across the country.

Starting with 2016 and continuing through '17 and '18 the Indiana State Seed Lab has had high failure rates on both regulatory and service samples of rye.

Trump's market facilitation program is helping, but farmers say they'd rather have more trade and market access.

Corn and soybean farmers say they look forward to a new approach with lake Erie, although the issue remains a priority.