Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Pennsylvania dairy farmers Jason Frye and Steve Turner joined American Dairy Association North East for the Pittsburgh School Food Service Summit

Spinach is in harvest right now, making this a great time to add this vitamin- and mineral-packed plant into your diet.

Bright sunny days make spring a good time to indulge in a wide range of plentiful produce such as asparagus, cabbage, kale, spinach and strawberries.

Individualized coaching coupled with an app for tracking could help families greatly reduce some types of food waste, in turn helping combat climate change.

Julie Geiss contemplates the possibilities of 2022 and shares her goals for the new year.

Every time you eat watermelon, you'll be improving the health of your cells, organs and nervous system.

Spinach is considered a superfood. As part of a healthy diet, Spinach is important for skin, hair and bone health and has many other health benefits.

Dandelions are nutritionally valuable, support digestion and absorption of minerals and help the lymphatic system and urinary tract function.

The USDA announced the nationwide extension to allow all children to continue to receive nutritious meals this summer when schools are out of session.

While most vegetables are better eaten raw, there are a few you could cook instead to gain more health benefits.