Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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As Kym Seabolt's oldest begins his search for a house, she is dumbfounded by the current state of the housing market.

Following her latest lavish purchase, Kym Seabolt urges readers to marry a partner with a good sense of adventure — and good humor — for good measure. 

Aren't all houses just an endless "to-do" list away from chaos or is it just Kym Seabolt's beloved farmhouse?

Drawer stuck? I tap it with a hammer. Hinge crooked? I whack it with a hammer. New frame to add to one of my walls? Nothing a nail or six can't fix.

Kym Seabolt might have a smart house but she still feels like the same old stupid human.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt explains the strains of “Living with a Decoratively Challenged Partner” and displaying blankets prettily to enhance your decor.

The Seabolt's face the new year with yet another new project: operation bathroom renovation number 977, or so it seems. 

The best way to enjoy your "favorite things" is to consider, as much as possible, only surrounding yourself every day with your absolute "favorite" things. 

Just when she had given up on naming her home a plucky Amazon driver delivers the name Kym Seabolt had been searching for for over 20 years.

To Kym Seabolt, one of the best feelings of "home" is to make sure that when loved ones arrive they never doubt hers is a comfortable place to be.