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According to investigators, Lisa Braniff stole from her mother's estate to purchase a horse farm in Mount Vernon. She was charged with theft and forgery.

The online equine courses planned for the spring semester at Ohio State ATI in Wooster, Ohio, are horse health and disease and horse breeding and selection.

Judith Sutherland recalls the horse her daughter loved during her childhood, as she watches her grandson get used to riding Buddy, the new pony.

Horse owners should take a step back and think before making extra feed purchases.

As of Nov. 12, 2019, 36 confirmed cases of eastern equine encephalitis had been reported by eight states; 13 of these cases were fatal.

Last month, Eastern Equine Encephalitis was confirmed in Erie, Carbon and Monroe counties, Pa. As of this week, Luzerne and Mercer counties have been added.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture announced new veterinary inspection requirements Sept. 16 for horses entering Ohio.

Weather in the Midwest is forcing livestock producers to buy hay earlier. As a result, horse owners may not have an easy time finding it later this year.

The 17th annual Penn State Equine Science Showcase and Quarter Horse Sale was the most successful in the program's history, bringing in just over $100,000.

The latest thrill in Judith Sutherland's life is introducing the ceremonial Triple Crown springtime tradition to her 2-year-old grandson.