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Mules are a healthy hybrid, displaying hybrid vigor, a phenomenon distinguished by superior characteristics far surpassing that of either parent.

Ohio State Extension educator Erika Lyon provides insight on laminitis in horses, providing the causes, symptoms and prevention tips.

Ohio State University Extension educator Sandra Trushel recommends different ways to save money on hay for horses like using round bale feeders.

When the Nidy family, in Alliance, Ohio, first purchased and began raising Punch horses, they didn’t know they were undertaking a rare venture. They wanted horses to do farm work.

The Chagrin Valley Farms Mini Trial competition offers an introduction to eventing for both horse and rider.

Eliza Blue shares the legend of the Bloody Shoulder marking after getting her daughter a horse with it.

All of Eliza Blue's recent automobile misfortunes have led her to conclude riding horses might just be more reliable than driving.

Beginning Aug. 30, Ohio State University Extension will be offering Forages for Horses — a virtual course for equine managers.

Eliza Blue doesn't mind taking it slow with her colt, learning a little more about her every day, building a bridge of trust one careful brick at a time.

The Bureau of Land Management is holding a wild horse and burro placement event Aug. 11-12 at the Ohio Horse Park.