Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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The Chagrin Valley Farms Mini Trial competition offers an introduction to eventing for both horse and rider.

Eliza Blue shares the legend of the Bloody Shoulder marking after getting her daughter a horse with it.

All of Eliza Blue's recent automobile misfortunes have led her to conclude riding horses might just be more reliable than driving.

Beginning Aug. 30, Ohio State University Extension will be offering Forages for Horses — a virtual course for equine managers.

Eliza Blue doesn't mind taking it slow with her colt, learning a little more about her every day, building a bridge of trust one careful brick at a time.

The Bureau of Land Management is holding a wild horse and burro placement event Aug. 11-12 at the Ohio Horse Park.

Bryce Angell shares his gratitude for his horse, Old Cyrus, in thoughtful poem.

Runzo is the president of the National Reining Horse Youth Association, and in her position as president, she advocates for not only for her association but for the equine industry as well. The National Reining Horse Association started in Ohio with Dale Wilkinson.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about one horse's sly plan to deter the other horses in his herd from eating their shared hay.

Bryce Angell crafts a poem about a horse named Sally that holds a special place in his heart and in his family.