Thursday, December 3, 2020
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The agriculture sector was deeply impacted by Hurricane Michael. Everything from poultry barns to pecan orchards took a serious hit.

Scott Shalaway details what happens to birds during storms such as Hurricane Florence.

Judith Sutherland prays for Holden Beach and peace and safety for all who call it home following hurricane Florance.

Jefferson County, Ohio, 4-H members collected $4,000 in Walmart gift cards for 4-H members in Texas, still strained from the impact of Hurricane Harvey.

To lose a home and all earthly possessions is beyond imagining, but for Puerto Rico, the loss in agricultural production goes beyond the here and now.

Jefferson County 4-H, Ohio, launched a fundraising campaign to aid their sister county, Jefferson County, Texas, in hurricane relief.

If you want to help Texas farmers and ranchers, FFA chapters or 4-H clubs affected by Hurricane Harvey, here's how you can make a donation.

Stark County exhibitors among those helping the hurricane victims in Texas.