Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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The Pennsylvania Senate approved a “Farming First” legislative package that includes a tax credit for farmers who sell or lease to beginning farmers.

Four Ohio teens have been promoting a bill to designate the barn as the "official historical architectural structure of the state.”

The Census of Agriculture is an opportunity for farmers to share data that informs legislative decisions, and impacts farm services and support programs.

Farmers and ranchers, who pollsters say voted overwhelmingly for Trump, remain wary, because 20 percent of all U.S. farm production is sold overseas.

Capitol Hill farm policy players are staking out negotiating territory in the upcoming 2018 Farm Bill fight.

Opponents and proponents have weighed in. Now the committee will review proposed amendments.

Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act now goes to the full Senate.

In south Texas, 407 million gallons of water will yield either $200,000 of corn or $2.5 billion of oil and gas. That means there are 12,500 times more reasons to use the water to extract oil and gas than to grow corn and cows.