Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Age, time, love and use have made it what it is today. Smoother, more worn, but still sturdy and solid.

I don't consider myself terribly old, but more things hurt than they used to.

It seems the idea of going back to our country roots is now in vogue.

Remember to live your life to the fullest, and appreciate each day.

A squirrel meets its end with an electric utility pole on Kym Seabolt's property.

Far from being "the best days of your life," if you are lucky, your high school days do not matter nearly as much as you have been told it does.

If one were to look back on a good life being lived, complete with the work, worry and challenges dropped in our path, it can feel as though one has hit a lucky streak when days of bubbling-over happiness land directly on our path.

GirlWonder's father and I sit back and can scarcely believe that 17 years ago today we sat both bored out of my mind and simultaneously scared to death in a hospital room waiting for our second born child to make her debut.

Putting on a school performance takes hard work, long hours and builds character.

Growing up on a dairy farm was fun at times, but it was a whole lot of work, every single day.