Friday, July 1, 2022
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Understanding the terms in a livestock market report can be confusing. Here is a quick run down of what the terms being used on livestock during a sale means.

This course is designed for livestock producers who have already initiated grazing practices on their farm, and who have at least a basic knowledge of the grazing behavior of their animals and of their pasture ecosystems.

The courses, all of which begin Feb. 3, will cover profit-enhancing production principles.

Corn residue left over from harvesting can be a source of supplemental feed for livestock.

Cooperatives earned $6.5 billion in net income and generated $246.7 billion in total revenue last year.

The Portage County Fair auction set multiple new records this year. Here are the final results.

Summit County Fair posts sale results.

Allie Loftis didn't grow up on a farm, but she found one to help house her livestock projects.

Chew on this: Animals, regardless of species, will adjust their bite size to harvest about 50% of the existing pasture height in front of them.

Options available for livestock, honeybees and farm-raised fish.