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Keep in mind that ingestion of some types of leaves can lead to toxicity problems with livestock. These include maples, oaks, black locust, buckeye and yew.

Ohio State University Extension educator Jordon Penrose talks about ways to detect and prevent livestock from eating poisonous plants in the pasture.

Corn dried distillers' grains with solubles are widely available in the US as a feed ingredient for livestock animals.

OSU Extension Field Specialist Jason Hartschuh provides tips for feeding baleage instead of dry hay to livestock.

Flies can impact livestock performance by reducing weight gains, milk production and poor feed utilization. Learn how to control flies on your farm.

Two weeks ago, an older cow refused to stand after giving birth to a stillborn calf. Miraculously, she is recovering and continuing to improve.

Early spring grazing can be risky. Take precautions and transition your herd to pasture slowly.

Every winter around this time, baby lambs begin prancing through Eliza Blue's dreams — no matter how exhausted she was during the previous lambing season.

Learn how to increase and supplement feed for livestock when the weather is colder to account for the metabolic changes that keep them warm.

Eliza Blue enjoyed one of the most enjoyable Thanksgivings she can remember this year, hosting a good friend and her daughter from across South Dakota.