Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Community supported agriculture, or CSA, has helped this Coshocton County grower reach the big market.

Food miles matter to farmers. Learn 13 ways that farmers can reduce the carbon footprint of food production.

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture will hold a webinar, June 8, for the new 1LOCAL (One Local) Index designed to activate a dialogue between consumers, local food businesses and the farms they support.

Community supported agriculture, or CSAs, are farming operations that allow individuals to purchase a share of what the farmer produces.

As the first official day of spring quickly approaches, the thought of fresh fruits and vegetables comes to mind in anticipation of a new growing season.

A commercial kitchen lets food entrepreneurs rent time in a licensed facility to develop and make their products. We need more in Ohio.

In-school meat processing labs opening across West Virginia.

RALEIGH, N.C. -- In roughly 18 months, participants in the 10% Campaign have recorded more than $10 million in purchases of locally-produced foods.

The Center for Innovative Food Technology is sponsoring the Northeast Ohio Signature Food Contest, which showcases many local flavors and recipes ready for actual product development.