Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Addressing climate change and soil health and making sure programs work for small farms will be key for building more resilient local food systems, according to speakers at the Ohio Food Policy Network's summit.

The first year of the pandemic brought new customers to the local food systems. With them came hope and an influx of income for small farmers. But it didn't last.

Alan Guebert reviews a recently published study and concludes what we need are less costly, more environmentally-sound regional and local food systems.

The Ohio Food Policy Network is hoping the pandemic can be a launch pad to new normals for food systems. The network unveiled its new policy agenda June 11.

Alan Guebert details why Rural America needs more locally-owned grocery stores selling more locally-grown food to more local friends and neighbors.

Ever since she helped found the Oberlin Food Hub, in Ohio, in 2015, Cullen Naumoff said she has constantly had to educate people about what food hubs are and how they work. But the pandemic has started to change that. “It catapulted the food supply chain to the front of the New York Times,” Naumoff said.

Many people started their own victory gardens during the pandemic this spring. Even into the fall and winter, home gardening is still going strong.

The COVID-19 crisis seems to be pushing people away from grocery stores chains and back to local food sources, like farmers markets and on-farm stores.

Mary Anne Kettering, of MaryAnne's Meats, and the Bruntys, of The Farmer's Rail, have both found success selling local, fresh food at their stores.

You purchased local farm products all summer, but now what do you do with the remaining product? Here are a few ideas: canning, drying and freezing.