Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Laboratory analysis provides the best means of determining manure's true value. Local Ohio State University extension offices can help you find a lab.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has sided with a Columbia County farmer, sparing him from following strict local rules on his hog farm.

The guys at Carmony Stock Farms put up with a lot of crap on a daily basis. It’s par for the course when running a custom manure application company.

Poultry manure for permitted operations needs to follow the Natural Resource Conservation Service 590 standards when being stockpiled prior to spreading.

Keeping to the plan, following best practices and being a good neighbor could protect farmers against nuisance lawsuits over manure.

Stateler Family Farms is hosting a pilot project to study a manure treatment that separates solids and liquids and reduces phosphorus in liquid manure.

Widespread adoption by dairy farmers of injecting manure into the soil instead of spreading it could be crucial to restoring Chesapeake Bay water quality.

How does fertilizing with manure affect soil quality, compared with inorganic fertilizer? Find out what University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers learned.

Find out if you're following Ohio's winter manure application rules properly.

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