Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Sugarbush Creek Farm will be the site of the upcoming "Woodland Wednesdays Tour: Maple Syrup Made in the Woods Not the Sugarhouse", Oct. 18.

Hanley's Sugar Camp in Geauga County, Ohio opened its doors to visitors last weekend to visitors to share their love of maple syrup production.

At Fitch Pharm Farm, Doug Fitch relies on a wide range of crops to bring in revenue each month. Through the years, farmer mentors have helped him learn and grow as he diversified the farm.

Julie Geiss shares tales from her grandpa's youth doing chores and making maple syrup on his family's farm, just north of Dorset, Ohio, about a century ago.

Dave Hively and his family have been tapping maple trees for six generations. They usually tap more than 800 trees each year on their Mahoning County farm.

West Virginia maple syrup production nearly doubled in 2019, according to the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and USDA-NASS.

The Goodell family has been producing maple syrup for seven generations. Over time, processes have changed but the syrup taste has remained true.

Farm and Dairy infographic: Ohio is fourth in maple syrup production

Ohio ranks 8th in the nation for maple syrup production. Here's a chance for producers to learn how to improve their production quality.

The Lake Erie Maple Expo will be held Nov. 9 and 10, in Albion.