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Check out the Farm and Dairy staff selections for the top 10 stories to impact its readership in 2017.

October presented many dry days for harvest, but November has caught us by surprise.

What do you know about Wagyu beef? Learn why this high prime cut of beef is sought after.

For the past few years, production growth has outpaced processing capacity growth and dairy processors are struggling to keep pace.

Many farmers want to sell to restaurants, grocers or schools, but don’t know how. MarketReady™ helps them market effectively from production to payment.

Attend Local Meat and the Cooperative Business Model workshop, Thursday, at 11 a.m. at the Small Farm Center, at the Farm Science Review.

Farmers' sentiment about the agricultural economy climbed to 139 in July — the highest level recorded in 2017 since January.

The crop and weather condition aren't exactly leading to the markets most would expect.

Most beef cattle-producing states have been able to escape drought conditions so far this year and Kentucky producers are in a good position this summer.

The way that cattle and livestock are sold continues to change, but weekly auctions still play an important role.