Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Lawmakers are trying to help the bottlenecked meat processing industry, but will it be enough to help packers catch up with demand?

Alan Guebert ponders the role the inaction of politicians over decades has played in the meat markets — how both producer and consumer have been squeezed.

A study done at Ohio meat-processing plants found very few employees were wearing required face masks and did not see why they should.

West Virginia FFA's Creed Ammons won the 2020 FFA National Proficiency Award in agriculture processing.

Farmers need to be nimble and willing to think of all of the angles when it comes to local processing woes, Rebecca Miller says.

While it may not be pretty, meat processing is arguably the most important part of the whole local food system.

Labor shortages is a big issue butchers run into when trying to expand or even just run their businesses. Penn State Extension is trying to fix that.

Here are the four basic types of inspection a meat or poultry plant can operate under and what that means to you.

Learn how meatpackers used lobbyists to influence policy related to staffing requirements amid COVID-19 and how the death of Tony Corbo may compound things.

Alan Guebert sheds some light on the many reasons to dislike JBS USA, the world's — and America's — largest meatpacker.