Friday, August 19, 2022
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At Elder Tree Forest School, Suzanne Slavens and other volunteers are helping children connect with nature, and encouraging interest in agroforestry in Ohio.

Eliza Blue realizes that perfection is waiting in the quiet of tall rustling grass, the last morning star, the golden faces of late summer flowers.

Over 700 acres of wetland marshes, meadows and woodlands comprise Quail Hollow Park. There is also a 40-room historic manor located within the park.

Hundreds of acres, riddled with the refuse of a manufacturing facility, have been successfully converted into Mayor William J. Robertson Nature Preserve.

The warmer weather has Julie Geiss excited to get outdoors to split rhubarb, plant seeds and go morel hunting.

Nature gives us many clues to signal it’s officially spring. Find out what wildlife, plants and fungi to look for as you enjoy the outdoors this spring.

Spend more time outside, enjoying nature's beauty this year.

Julie Geiss and her family enjoy the sights of winter at Raccoon Creek State Park in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

Judith Sutherland recalls winter memories of her youth.

Julie Geiss returns to the Richfield Heritage Preserve in Richfield, Ohio to enjoy the sights and history.