Saturday, April 21, 2018
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The Wildlife Society recently released some short summaries of wildlife research that provide food for thought.

It's motivating to see how far Ohioans have come in making our part of the world a better, cleaner place to live by concentrating on our waterways.

Rita Poe left nearly $800,000 to eight national wildlife refuges in California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Texas and four other parks in the West.

American ginseng hunters are being reminded that uncertified root may not be possessed after March 31 without a weight receipt.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is hosting several family-friendly winter hikes and naturalist activities in February.

Next time you need a gift for a budding naturalist, consider owl pellets. They could be the sparks that inspire a young biologist.

Snowy owl irruptions into temperate zones delight birders, and this year is shaping up to be a big one, especially near the Great Lakes.

We all need to compromise for the good of nature, animals, wildlife, pollinators, and even ourselves. Protecting our natural resources will benefit us all.

In the fall, we await the reappearance of migratory birds that return to us from the north. Among the first to appear are Dark-eyed juncos.

Looking for a great holiday gift for an outdoorsman? Check out part two of Scott Shalaway's annual list of books for outdoor lovers.
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