Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Learn how to determine the amount of nitrogen to apply to corn silage production fields to maximize your returns.

Science offers an option to boost crop productivity and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Four projects aim to remove nitrogen and phosphorus before they enter the Ohio River basin.

Believe it or not, the thing that could change farming isn’t the climate or a new piece of equipment.

A new computer program could help farmers control their nitrogen fertilizer usage.

Higher nitrogen rates do not eliminate the continuous corn yield drag during average or poor growing seasons.

(The following is reprinted from the OSU Extension C.O.R.N. newsletter, Feb. 12 edition.) By Ed Lentz and Laura Lindsey COLUMBUS -- Producers are tempted to apply...

DES MOINES, Iowa, and BALTIMORE, Md. -- DuPont and Plant Sensory Systems have entered into a collaboration to evaluate proprietary genes for increasing nitrogen use efficiency in corn.

A University of Illinois Extension soil and plant fertility specialist says corn stover has become more of a management concern as new hybrids produce stronger stalks, more corn-on-corn acres are planted, and less tillage is done.