Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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At Fitch Pharm Farm, Doug Fitch relies on a wide range of crops to bring in revenue each month. Through the years, farmer mentors have helped him learn and grow as he diversified the farm.

At Molly's Vineyard, in Vermilion, Ohio, Molly Anders sticks to what she learned from her mom, Connie O'Leary, when she was involved with the vineyard: treat everyone like family.

Julie Doran, of Westerville, Ohio, wrapped up her first hemp harvest. She had a successful growing season, but rules around THC testing still present challenges for Doran and other hemp farmers.

Myron Wehr, of New Waterford, Ohio, has been a crop farmer for more than 50 years. Through the years, he has stayed focused on stewardship and adapting to the changing times.

Letter to Farm and Dairy Editor Susan Crowell from Fred J. Double.

The devastation of the Angiuli's Farm Market fire is soothed by the community’s support in ways that the family can never repay. Learn why the family is #Angiulitough.