Tuesday, February 20, 2024
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A single mature plant left to go to seed can turn into a weed 
management nightmare for years to come.

The assay can detect genetic variations unique to Palmer even when flooded with samples from closely related species, including waterhemp.

The American Seed Trade Association hosted a meeting to discuss a collaborative approach to addressing Palmer amaranth and other weed seed issues.

Ohio has declared a zero-tolerance threshold on Palmer amaranth, an aggressive weed that has been found in 18 Ohio counties. Do you know what to do if you find it in your fields?

Invasive insects and pathogens could be a multi-billion-dollar threat to global agriculture and developing countries may be the biggest target.

Palmer amaranth is a member of the pigweed family and is spreading across the U.S.A.

Having a weed management plan can be beneficial to maximizing your crop yield this year. OSU's weed experts, Mark Loux and Doug Doohan share a few pointers on weed management.

Time-elapse videos from Purdue University show need for pre-emergent herbicide to control Palmer amaranth.