Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Pocket knives are tools, not toys. Learn more about considerations for teaching pocket knife safety, such as age, choosing a knife and basic safety rules.

There is an art to looking like a million bucks on a dime, and GirlWonder always hits the mark with change to spare — the same goes for her home.

So once the children are safely grown, (almost) flown and the mom duties begin to dwindle, what is a person to do? Apparently, get some hobbies.

Learn how to pass on good money management skills to children by defining needs and wants, and having the discipline to understand the difference.

Kym Seabolt and her daughter have a special relationship with their home, the "magical house."

For Kym Seabolt, empty nesting means fewer homecooked meals and fewer trips to the grocery store.

Judith Sutherland delights in watching her oldest grandchild swim the entire length of a 36-foot pool on his own power.

Kym Seabolt thinks it is important to remember the No. 1 thing that should be the focus of any and every school year: be kind.  

Julie Geiss' oldest daughter turned 18 and they celebrated by making memories in Columbus.

Judith Sutherland is reminded of the way the world opens up and the way you find the place you fit into it when you're 10 years old.