Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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House Bill 507 defines natural gas as green energy and requires state agencies to open public lands to oil and gas leasing. 

The Ohio Power Siting Board denied Kingwood Solar’s application to construct a 175 megawatt solar farm in Greene County, citing overwhelming local opposition to the project.

The Ohio Power Siting Board will hold a hearing to discuss Blossom Solar, LLC's proposal for a solar-powered electric generation facility in Morrow County.

In Pennsylvania, where siting for solar is done at the local level, it’s left to each community to decide whether to allow in these developments. It's pitting some neighbors against each other.

Ohio is one of eight states that will receive technical assistance for counties planning a switch to alternative fuels through Drive Clean Rural USA .

Now that the U.S. has weaned itself off of its reliance on liquid fuel from across the ocean, it’s battling a dependency of another kind as the transition from fossil fuels to renewables continues.

Alan Guebert considers the findings of a recently published paper that suggests renewable energy sources may not be the answer to reversing climate change.

The Ohio Power Siting Board approved Yellowbud Solar, LLC’s application to construct a 274 megawatt solar farm in Ross and Pickaway counties.

Ohio Senate Bill 52 would set up a referendum process on wind farm and solar facility certificates before the projects go to the Ohio Power Siting Board.

Solar power is transforming rural Minster, Ohio. It’s not as much about being environmentally friendly as it is about being energy independent and resilient