Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Two University of Nebraska–Lincoln scientists have received a grant to study a viral disease posing a significant threat to the swine industry worldwide.

The research try to determine the impact of different alternatives to antibiotic feed additives on antimicrobial resistance in broiler chicken production.

Researchers at Ohio State University and Kent State University are working on the Stark Soil Health Initiative, a project seeking to understand how farm management affects soil health and carbon storage on small farms in Ohio.

The American food system's focus on the bottom line restricts farmers' opportunities to implement science-backed conservation practices on their farms.

As the industry develops, the founders of The Ohio Hemp Co. are doing their best to lead research on hemp and help other farmers learn more about the crop.

The White House Office of Management and Budget rejected a proposal that would have essentially expanded the definition of “rural” to include larger areas, following widespread concerns about the suggested change.

The White House Office of Management and Budget is considering a recommendation that would expand the definition of rural to include larger areas. But rural researchers say the changes could make it harder for rural communities to get funding and for researchers to track what is happening in rural areas, and that they’re based on an oversimplified view of what metropolitan means.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University developed a new type of coating that could make the photovoltaic cells used to make solar panels last six times longer. This development could dramatically decrease the cost of replacing worn out cells.

After decades on the controlled substances list, hemp is back as a crop in Ohio. Hemp, like many new crops, comes with new challenges — including limited research. Researchers at Central State University are trying to address that, starting with a grant-funded research project on manure as a hemp fertilizer, and how it affects soil health and water quality.

A recent study from The Center for Rural Pennsylvania confirmed what many have been saying: rural Pennsylvanians are often getting slower internet speeds at higher prices than urban Pennsylvanians. But it also suggested that rural residents are more willing to pay for broadband than urban residents.