Saturday, September 24, 2022
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As we enter silage harvest season, now is the perfect time to sit down to evaluate your current corn varieties to make a good selection for 2023.

As you prepare for corn silage harvest, it can be helpful to estimate how many tons per acre each variety will yield to make sure you will have enough. 

Now until pollination is the time to scout corn for fungal disease. Corn treated with fungicide had improved fermentation and better dry matter values.

Harvesting corn silage can be dangerous. Please take a few minutes to review safety precautions and harvest recommendations.

The discussion is growing on using fungicides to prevent high DON levels. The short answer is yes probably, but fungicide selection is very important.

Dianne Shoemaker takes a closer look at corn silage production for the three-year period from 2017 through 2019.

It is time to start estimating yields and if needed negotiating a price with neighboring grain farmers for the additional silage you will need.

There are two common ways to estimate tonnage, one based on plant height and the other based on estimated grain yield.

Growing a high-quality corn silage crop starts at day one. Now is the best time for producers to build a plan for the upcoming growing season.

Corn silage is eligible for FSA's nine-month recourse loans. And the silo it is stored in would be eligible for FSA's farm storage facility loans.