Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Even a momentary power outage causes no end of chaos for Kym Seabolt and her smart light bulbs.

An Ohio farm used a drone to seed cereal rye into standing corn as part of an experiment to see the best way to get cover crop seed planted in the fall.

While the Monarch MK-V tractor won’t work for all farming operations, it could be a game changer as electrification and autonomous equipment technology continue to shape the landscape of farming

Social media can provide endless support for advertising, but they have zero support for glitches like the password issue.

Kym Seabolt might have a smart house but she still feels like the same old stupid human.

Wall Street is betting that tomorrow’s biggest, most autonomous farm equipment manufacturer will be Deere & Co, featuring driverless John Deere tractors.

Milk production increases and labor savings determine whether an automated system is more profitable. The greatest effect on both is facility design. 

For those committed to cover cropping, the potential of using drone technology to evaluate feilds is immense.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt reflects on the great social media outage of Oct. 4, 2021, and society's dependency on these platforms.

The American food system's focus on the bottom line restricts farmers' opportunities to implement science-backed conservation practices on their farms.