Sunday, May 28, 2023
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This spring, phosphate supplies were tight throughout the state and shortages were reported across southwest Ohio between Cincinnati and South Charleston.

U.S. ag exports hit a record-high $196 billion last year. U.S. ag imports also hit a record-high $199 billion, or $3 billion more than ag exports.

The American agricultural sector posted its best export year ever in 2022 with international sales of U.S. farm and food products reaching $196 billion.

Alan Guebert digs into the U.S.'s trade trouble with Mexico, which plans to ban genetically modified corn imports by 2024.

Rana Foroohar builds a strong case for neoliberalism’s continued weakening in her new book, “Homecoming," and the world should hope she’s right.

Marlin Clark breaks down how the grain markets have been impacted by grain shipments out of Ukraine and drought conditions in the plains states.

Population shifts around the world are likely good predictors of how demand in the agricultural industry will adapt in the long term.

Given our broad ignorance of Africa, why do we still think we know what's best for this incredibly diverse, enormous continent's farm and food sectors?

For the second time in two years, a history-making calamity has shown just how fragile the world’s efficiency-driven, deeply interdependent food system is. 

The government of India has agreed to allow imports of U.S. pork and pork products into India, removing a long-standing barrier to U.S. agricultural trade.