Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Marlin Clark provides an update on the United States' trade agreement with China and its impact on agricultural markets and commodity futures.

Alan Guebert analyzes the current status of global trade in the wake of the havoc wreaked by the coronavirus.

Ag exports to China were to be $36.6 billion this year. However, plunging prices over the past couple of months will make it harder to hit that target.

Alan Guebert offers insight on the White House's recent diplomacy with China.

Alan Guebert offers insight into the recent passage of NAFTA 2.0 and phase one of a multi-phase deal with China.

President Donald Trump signed a major rewrite of Canada and Mexico trade deal, easing trade tensions.

President Donald Trump thanked farmers for support through the trade war as he promoted new trade deals at the American Farm Bureau's convention Jan. 19.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved a new North American trade agreement Jan. 16 that rewrites the rules of trade with Canada and Mexico.

China’s government welcomed an interim trade deal with Washington on Jan. 16, but said the two sides need to address each other’s “core concerns.” 

In his column this week, Alan Guebert rehashes recent turmoil associated with the U.S.-China trade deal.