Friday, February 3, 2023
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Although this week marks the 25th anniversary of Eliza Blue's arrival in Shanghai, China, to study abroad, she still recalls the lessons she learned there.

Julie Geiss and her family recently traveled to Pittsburgh to visit Phipps Conservatory — a beautiful combination of Victorian charm and modern finesse.

Will the cowboys get together for another yearly ride? For sure there'll be at least one more. Bryce Angell would bet his last frog hide.

Andrew Carnegie donated over 56 million dollars to build over 2,509 libraries in the United States and around the world.

The Teton Pass could put the final fear into anyone driving a truck loaded with horses that continually shift their weight causing the vehicle to sway.

Bryce Angell recalls a stay at Squirrel Meadows in this week's poem.

The rock formations at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park make up one of the only exposed outcrops in northern Ohio. Learn how to safely hike there in winter.

Schenley Park provides a natural sanctuary for city dwellers, university students and other visitors. Julie Geiss digs into the park's romantic history.

Julie Geiss and her family enjoyed a bike ride from the Carnegie Science Center along the river to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Forbes Avenue.

Julie Geiss recalls all the challenges of a days-long family bike trip, amused that her children recall the same trip and only remember the adventure.