Sunday, May 28, 2023
Kyle and Rebecca Scott

Kyle and Rebecca Scott from Brimfield, OH in Louisville, Kentucky at the National Farm Machinery Show on February 18.
Richard Romito

Richard Romito, of Middleburg, Florida, brought Farm and Dairy along on his visit to Innsbruck, Austria, in January.
John and Sharon Gustina

John and Sharon Gustina brought Farm and Dairy along on vacation to St. Maarten.
Lyman Bradley and Jim Bintz

Army buddies, who served in Korea, Lyman Bradley and Jim Bintz, of Lewisville, Ohio, visited together in North Carolina recently.
David and Elizabeth Wilson

David and Elizabeth Wilson brought Farm and Dairy on vacation to Alaska. Their trip included an excursion along the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle.
Margaret Lowe and Virginia Carroll

Margaret Lowe (right) and Virginia Carroll brought Farm and Dairy along when they visited the Made in America Store in Elma, New York.

Jeff, Tracy and Jesse Vitek and friend Josey Meddles brought along Farm and Dairy on a trip to Cleveland to watch the Browns beat...

Penny and Neal Weisenstine, of Canton, Ohio, crossed off an item on their bucket list in September and took Farm and Dairy along for...

Stanley Miller, of Carrollton, Ohio, stopped with Farm and Dairy, in Montana for gas and a steak dinner on the way to Calgary, on...

Farm and Dairy went to Hawaii with Denise Rhodes and her daughter, Rachael, who marched and cheered in the Pearl Parade with Varsity Spirit....