Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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The FDA proposed over-the-counter antibiotics used in animals become available from a veterinarian only as a way to curb antibiotic resistance.

Food animal and public health veterinarians will receive loan assistance in exchange for a three-year commitment to practice in a veterinary shortage area.

Dr. Alan McCauley, DVM, of Mount Cory, Ohio, was honored with the Image Award during the exhibitor appreciation dinner at the 55th All-American Dairy Show.

National Dairy Herd Information Association is offering $1,500 scholarships to third-year or fourth-year college of veterinary medicine students.

Gabe Middleton, a veterinarian with the Orrville Veterinary Clinic in Wayne County, Ohio, is set to lead the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology.

Although spay and neuter procedures are common, there are many misconceptions and concerns about them.

WVU Extension Service is working to address the veterinarian access problem across the Mountain State.

Antimicrobials that you may have purchased in the past as over-the-counter for your feeding program will now require a VFD from your Veterinarian of Record.

The Veterinary Feed Directive will take effect Jan. 1. It's important to develop a relationship with your veterinarian and take inventory of any VFD drugs currently being used in feed or water.

If your horse is sensitive to having its feet touched, has discharge, or has strange-looking tissue, call your vet immediately. Canker hoof infection home remedies promoted on the internet don’t work.