How to make homemade ice cream

Ice cream

National Ice Cream month may be over, but there’s always a good time to indulge in a frozen treat.

Methods of making homemade ice cream range from traditional ice cream makers and freezers to blending and freezing ingredients with everyday kitchen tools. Here are a couple ideas for making your favorite frozen treat from scratch.

You can start with The Prairie Homestead’s simple homemade vanilla ice cream recipe

Using an old-fashioned hand-crank freezer

The Old Farmer’s Almanac offers tips on how to make homemade ice cream:

  • Scald the can and the dasher, then chill the can and the ice cream mixture.

  • Fill the can between ⅔ and ¾ full.

  • Use a three-to-one mixture of gradually layered ice and rock salt.

  • Let the ice chill the ice cream mixture for five minutes.

  • Churn the can so it is moving clockwise at a slower pace, then crank more quickly for ten minutes.

  • Make sure your ice cream is “done,” then remove the dasher and pack the ice cream down in the can. When it’s back in the tub, add four parts ice, one part salt.

  • Cover over the tub and let it set in the shade for about two hours.

These tips can be used for an electric ice cream maker, too, except you won’t have to do the cranking yourself!

Don’t have an ice cream maker?

Taste of Home has ideas for making ice cream with the utensils and tools you already have in your kitchen:

  • After combining ingredients, chill over an ice bath.

  • While the ice cream mixture is chilling, freeze a stainless steel freezer-safe bowl or pan.

  • Put the ice cream mixture into the pan. Let it chill for 20 minutes in the freezer.

  • When you notice the edges begin to freeze, stir the mixture, using either a whisk or spatula. Once it is mixed well, return it to the freezer.

  • Every 30 minutes, stir the ice cream until it is firmly frozen, probably 4 or 5 times. If you notice that the ice cream is too hard, put it in the refrigerator. Then, continue stirring it until it is creamy and soft.

  • Keep frozen until ready to serve.

Biking for Ice Cream

Take a look at Peddler’s Creamery, an ice cream parlor where the product is made by riding a bicycle around town. Who would’ve thought that making ice cream could be this much fun?

Have any other tips for making homemade ice cream? Let us know in the comments section!

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