Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The leaves are falling, grain harvest is nearing completion and as we head into the winter months it’s time to give some consideration to your pastures.

It has been said many times that the most economical way to raise cattle is in a forage system.

Fall is an excellent time of the year for stockpiling fescue for delayed grazing.

Over the years we have seen hay go from being taken to the barn loose, to small square bales put in a barn, to small round bales being made to feed right out of the baler.

Fall is a critical season for the perennial pasture plant.

A reminder to improve next year's pasture ... right now.

There has been much discussion over the past several years about whether livestock should be completely excluded from grazing along stream banks, partially excluded, or whether it makes a difference in the water quality.

Limiting water intake reduces animal performance quicker and more drastically than any other nutrient deficiency.
Pipeline construction through farmland

The scope of a pipeline company's activities may impact your farm operation for a long time to come. Don't rush anything, and get it in writing! Tips for landowners.

Storing hay in a wet year requires a lot of care.
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