Saturday, August 8, 2020
All About Grazing

All About Grazing

Learn the basics of raising pigs on pasture and decide if it's right for your operation.

Learn more about how water intake and quality is directly related to livestock size.

Recently, a local hay producer asked what hay was worth. Of course, each forage producer will have a different cost of production.After he told...

Applying fertilizers to hay and pasture fields to stimulate plant growth will generally increase yields substantially.

When seeding directly to pasture, there are some guidelines to follow that help to ensure success.
beef cattle on pasture

Teff grass originates from Ethiopia. It is a warm-season annual grass that can be used for hay, silage, or pasture.

In the ideal world, they need to be able to hold in or deter livestock, but be able to allow water and debris to pass during periods of high water.
Grazing horses

Well-managed horse pastures provide ground cover, prevent soil erosion and decrease runoff. Use these tips to improve your horse pastures.
hay closeup

Using livestock to make later cuttings of hay is one of the best opportunities producers have to reduce costs and make more profit year after year.
multiflora rose

Learn how multiflora rose was introduced in the United States and how you can control it in your pastures.