Saturday, August 19, 2017

Get the kids and grandchildren involved in building a few boxes for backyard cavity-nesters like bluebirds and chickadees.

As exasperating as fluctuating temperatures are to us, they can really wreak havoc on migratory birds.
bird on post

Birds sing for two reasons. The message depends upon who hears the song.
Carolina wren

Though Carolina wrens eschew traditional nest boxes, they are easily coaxed into a simple box that takes advantage of this wren's loose definition of a cavity.

A walk in the woods after dark during a gentle rain in March is an easy way to find and observe these breeding frogs and salamaders. All that's required is a flashlight and waterproof boots.
Bluebird nesting box

Birds may begin nesting early this year, unless there is a late winter cold snap or snowstorm.

Vernal pools are much more than mud holes in the woods. They are thriving communities of aquatic organisms perfectly adapted to these specialized ephemeral habitats.
snowy sidewalk

Snow fleas are an important food source for many small invertebrate predators.
bird feeder

The walls and top consist of grid panels of 2-inch by 2-inch heavy-duty wire mesh that allows birds to pass freely,
bird on post

Only through long-term banding efforts can scientists unlock the mysteries of avian natural history.
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