Thursday, November 26, 2015
flowers and garden trowel

This month, you can pick up where you left off with October’s gardening chores and make sure your lawn and garden are ready for winter.
rust colored mums

Fall garden maintenance of perennials is minimal, but important to keep flowers at peak performance.
fall leaves on grass

Some fertilizing hints for the health of your lawn and garden soil.
cast iron skillet

Cast iron cookware is versatile. Here are some tips for seasoning cast iron cookware as well as troubleshooting suggestions.
apple orchard, toddler picking apples and ear of corn on stalk

Pick-your-own operations are a great way to get your family active outdoors and enjoy the fall colors.
chicken and beef stock in jars

Bone broth is traditionally thought of as a healing food for body recovery. Learn the difference between stock and broth, and discover homemade recipes for homemade bone beef stock and chicken stock, plus tips for safe canning.
garden tools and fall leaves

Gardening tools need special care at the end of the season to ensure they’re in working order come spring.
pizzas on wood table

Is pizza a staple dinner entree at your house? Get your kids involved in making homemade pizza by planting a pizza garden!
red wriggler worm for composting

Vermicomposting is an effective way to manage food waste over winter, plus it creates plenty of dark, rich compost to start seeds in spring.
flowers and trowel

Many tasks can be accomplished in the garden this month for winter preparation.