Thursday, January 21, 2021
carrots and cabbage in garden

If gardening seem like an expensive hobby, check out these tips for saving money while you grow your own fruits, vegetables and flowers.
Giner and turmeric

Use these tips to work commonly used spices with proven health benefits into your diet.

Cold weather can stress public utilities. Here's a few ways to stay warm while also keeping utility stress to a minimum.
garden weeds

After weeks of battling weeds, by June gardeners are tempted to throw in the hat. Tools, natural herbicides, mulch and cover crops can help control weeds.
Pine cone bird feeder

This is not your teacher's pinecone bird feeder.

Tomato diseases set in quickly and can be difficult to diagnose. Learn how to identify and treat the most common tomato diseases.
rust colored mums

Fall garden maintenance of perennials is minimal, but important to keep flowers at peak performance.
blackberries, raspberries, blueberries

This summer, take advantage of the variety of the fresh fruits and vegetables available at farmers markets, roadside stands and in grocery stores.

Some gardeners rototill their plots every year out of habit or tradition, but should you?
radishes, lettuce and carrots

In August our regional average temperature begin to decrease, signaling that fall is on the way. Plant now to fill your cornucopia with an abundant fall harvest!