Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Northwest Pa. turkey breeder Bill Yockey focuses on rare, or heritage, breed turkeys.

The use of barley straw has become more common as an alternative method for controlling excessive algae growth.

An ice cream exhibit is open at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum in Akron.

Historic Zoar Village, once noted for its apples and music, will commemorate that heritage at its annual Apfelfest, Oct. 5-6.

The USDA is targeting $752 million for drought and disaster assistance for livestock producers.

Even though commodity farm production is grim, there are opportunities to continue farming and remain profitable for farmers with all types of soils and tools on hand.

Philatelic Firsts, open through Oct. 28 at the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum, showcases first-of-their-kind items from the first Hawaiian stamps to the first American invert stamp error.

The USDA presented the Ohio Department of Agriculture with $1.6 million, the first time Ohio will receive funding through the federal Farmland Protection Program.

This year's Farm Science Review, Sept. 17-19, at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio, featured the obligatory huge combines and track tractors, but it was obvious from a stroll around the grounds, that small is big - and getting bigger.

This year's drought - the latest in a four-year span of sharply lower-than-normal precipitation - might be the mother of all foliage-foiling weather conditions.