Hog brings $10,000 at Geauga County Fair market livestock sale

Aug. 31, 2013

(Scroll down for a photo gallery from the market livestock sale.)

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Number of Market Lots: 42

Grand champion: Mike Wargo (link opens photo)
Bid: $7.50/pound Weight: 1,340 pounds
Buyer: Carter Lumber Middlefield

Reserve champion: Jacob Carver (link opens photo)
Bid: $6.85/pound Weight: 1,34 pounds
Buyer: Preston Chevrolet


Number of Market Lots: 112

Grand champion: Alyse Zemba (link opens photo)
Bid: $38/pound Weight: 270 pounds
Buyer: Etna Products

Reserve champion: Christina Praetzel (link opens photo)
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 273 pounds
Buyer: Nemec Farms


Number of Market Lots: 47

Grand champion: Danny Nichols (link opens photo)
Bid: $18/pound Weight: 134 pounds
Buyer: Preston Auto Store

Reserve champion: Jennifer Montazzoli (link opens photo)
Bid: $17/pound Weight: 148 pounds
Buyer: Green Family Funeral Home


Number of Market Lots: 14

Grand champion: Devon Kitko (link opens photo)
Bid: $11/pound Weight: 130 pounds
Buyer: Ed Ward

Reserve champion: Anthony Gillespie (link opens photo)
Bid: $19/pound (record) Weight: 125 pounds
Buyer: Preston Auto Store


Thompson Ledge Dairy Club (link opens photo)
Bid: $5,500
Buyer: Townsend Machine

Auburn Dairymen Club (link opens photo)
Bid: $3,750
Buyer: Cherokee Demolition

Geauga Dairymen Club
Bid: $2,000
Buyer: Junction Auto Sales


Number of Market Lots: 9

Grand champion: Sarah Grinstead (link opens photo)
Bid: $75/pound Weight: 13.77 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Feed and Grain Supply

Reserve champion: Jared Zimperman (link opens photo)
Bid: $30/pound Weight: 9.42 pounds
Buyer: Reserve Energy


Number of Market Lots: 77

Grand champion: Dennis Bergansky (link opens photo)
Bid: $70/pound Weight: 37.16 pounds
Buyer: Reserve Energy

Reserve champion: Dominic Dragolich (link opens photo)
Bid: $24/pound Weight: 34.19 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Feed and Grain


Number of Market Lots: 61

Grand champion: Kylie Bates (link opens photo)
Bid: $42.50/pound Weight: 42 pounds
Buyer: Preston Ford

Reserve champion: Dennis Bergansky (link opens photo)
Bid: $22.50/pound Weight: 47 pounds
Buyer: Great Lakes Outdoor Supply


Number of Market Lots: 40

Grand champion: Kate Zsebedics (link opens photo)
Bid: $200/pound Weight: 9.03 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Vision

Reserve champion: Logan Cala (link opens photo)
Bid: $45/pound Weight: 9.02 pounds
Buyer: Dr. Georgette Zifko-Baliga

Auctioneers: Pete Howes, Scott Mihalic, Mike Davis, Gary Heaven, Dave Rennolds

Ringmen: Tim McCaskey, Heath Davis, Jerry Hall

Junior Fair Royalty: King: Joey Roach      Queen: Amanda O’Reilly

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