Wayne County Fair livestock auction results

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Sept. 10-11, 2008

Sale Total: $464,814.35


Number of Market Lots: 73
Number of Carcass Lots: 2

Grand champion: Andrew Castella
Bid: $5.50/pound Weight: 1,250 pounds
Buyer: Dorothy M. Smith

Reserve champion: Meghan Burge
Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 1,325 pounds
Buyer: Santmyer Oil Co.

Grand champion carcass: Lacey Uhler
Bid: $3.25/pound Weight: 821 pounds
Buyer: Morris Oil Co.

Reserve champion carcass: Bethany McConnell
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 912 pounds
Buyer: Gant Realty


Number of Lots: 30

Grand champion: Matthew Shoup
Bid: $2.30/pound Weight: 1,445 pounds
Buyer: Martin D. Yoder Livestock

Reserve champion: Nessa Shoup
Bid: $2.20/pound Weight: 1,485 pounds
Buyer: National City Bank


Number of Market Lots: 325

Grand champion: Tavis Stika
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 280 pounds
Buyers: Spurgeon Chevrolet and Nagy’s Collision

Reserve champion: Megan Markley
Bid: $5.50/pound Weight: 271 pounds
Buyer: Allied Hydroseeding and Landscaping


Number of Market Lots: 94

Grand champion: Chelsea Odenkirk
Bid: $10.25/pound Weight: 137 pounds
Buyer: Santmyer Oil Co.

Reserve champion: Alyssa Gwin
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 138 pounds
Buyer: Bell Stores Inc.

County Bred and Raised Champion: Conner Redman
Bid: $4/pound
Buyer: Spurgeon Chevrolet

County Bred and Raised Reserve: Heidi Schwanger
Bid: $4.50/pound
Buyer: Imhoff Construction Co.


Number of Market Lots: 54

Grand champion: Grace Rhodes
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 92 pounds
Buyers: Best Buy and Beery’s Junior Fair Support Group

Reserve champion: Amanda Young
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 79 pounds
Buyer: Marty’s Studio, Mai Li Chinese, Best Buy and Beerys.com


Proceeds totaled $17,725 and will be divided among 103 junior fair dairy exhibitors.


Number of Pens of Three: 15

Grand champion: Rachel Carr
Bid: $400/pen
Buyers: Santmyer Oil Co. and Ron Burge Trucking

Reserve champion: Elmer Zollinger
Bid: $150/pen
Buyer: Best Buy and Beery’s Junior Fair Support Group


Grand champion: Rachel Carr
Bid: $750/pen
Buyer: Etna Products

Reserve champion: Curtis Hauenstein
Bid: $425/pen
Buyer: Gerber Poultry


Grand champion: Mitchell Murray
Bid: $750/pen
Buyers: Stout Excavating, Finley Builders and Stull Hair

Reserve champion: Hailee Becerra
Bid: $450/pen
Buyer: Ron Burge Trucking


Grand champion: David Lilburn
Bid: $550/pen
Buyer: PCS Paving

Reserve champion: Gabrielle Kerner
Bid: $325/pen
Buyer: Western Reserve Group


Grand champion: David Lilburn
Bid: $400/pen
Buyer: Best Buy and Beery’s Junior Fair Support Group

Reserve champion: Will Ladrach
Bid: $250/pen
Buyers: Jim Palm Financial, Best Buy and Beerys.com

Grand and Reserve Champion livestock projects

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