Dad’s favorite peach-blueberry cobbler

peach blueberry cobbler
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Moms have had their turn already this year, so now it’s time to recognize the dads.

Father’s Day history

Father’s Day didn’t get as early of a start as Mother’s Day.

The first Father’s Day recorded was in 1910. Spokane, Washington, resident Sonora Dodd was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon when the idea occurred to her that there should be a day for fathers — specifically because of the admiration she held for her own father.

The mayor of Spokane, Washington, chose Sunday, June 17, 1910, as its first Father’s Day. It wasn’t until 1972 that Father’s Day was officially a day observed the third Sunday of June each year, when then-President Richard Nixon signed the public law.

(Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

Peach-blueberry cobbler

basket of peachesLast summer, when peaches were fresh from the local farm market, I picked up a basket, along with a pint or two of freshly-picked blueberries, the thought of warm cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream on my mind.

I had seen the recipe recently on Pinterest while looking for a summery, fresh fruit dessert. It looked easy enough, like most cobbler recipes, so I gave it a shot.

blueberriesI made the cobbler, took it to my fiance’s weekend family gathering, with my dad waiting at home, hoping for leftovers. Luckily, about half of cobbler was left for him in the 9×13 pan.

Now that Father’s Day is coming up this weekend, I have a feeling the peach-blueberry cobbler is first on the list of desserts my dad would like to have.

The recipe

The credit for the now infamous peach-blueberry cobbler goes to Alexandra’s Kitchen.

In northeast Ohio, mid-June is a little early for fresh peaches and blueberries, but peaches and blueberries from the grocery store will work just fine.

blueberries and peaches in mixing bowlYou’ll need 2 pounds of yellow or white peaches and 3 cups of blueberries. If you’re like me, you’ll get a little more than that to eat later or to bake into a different dessert.

The buttermilk biscuits are easy to make, and it doesn’t take much effort to slice up the peaches and toss together the fruit part.

The one thing I omitted on the original recipe was the lime zest. The cobbler still had plenty of flavor without it, in my opinion.

Other than that, this peach-blueberry is great slightly warm or even chilled after being stored in the refrigerator. Top it off with vanilla ice cream, a splash or milk or just eat it as is. You can’t go wrong.

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  1. So I made two large pans of this for a local feed and due to weather they postponed the feed for a week. It turned out great by the way! Would I be able to freeze it?


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