Surprising mom with her favorite food

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Get the debit card ready for this weekend, folks. It’s time to treat mom to whatever strikes her fancy. She most certainly deserves your best!

What do y’all do for your moms on Mother’s Day? I typically congratulate mine on having such an amazing daughter. She always tells me how she’d appreciate something else next year, but I can never think of anything better.

*Spoiler Alert, Mom* I can’t think of anything better this year, either.

celebrating mom graphicI’m totally kidding! And now I wait for the phone call after Mom reads this. She’s going to try grounding me.

In all seriousness, my mom knows what she gets every year for Mother’s Day. We usually head out to Catalpa Grove Farm on Route 14 in Columbiana so she can pick hanging baskets for her porch and barn (they have amazing produce, too), and she gets dinner wherever she wants — she can pick someone’s kitchen or a restaurant.

*Spoiler Alert #2* If you pick my kitchen this year, we’re having cereal. Someone needs groceries.

I might have something else planned for her, just don’t tell, ok?

Mom loves eating at Carrabba’s. I don’t really know if she has a favorite entree (more like a dozen favorites), but she always gets the Sicilian Chicken Soup. Always. I think there’s a little part of her that enjoys getting sick in the winter because she knows one of us will bring her soup from Carrabba’s. Oh, and the bread with the olive oil and herb dip? De-freaking-licious.

breadDudes. I found the recipe. It’s not a knock-off recipe, either, this is the real McCoy. Carrabba’s puts some of their own recipes online, and praise the Lord, mom’s favorite soup is one of them! And they posted the recipe for their herb-olive oil dip, too. Perfect!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do, though. I have to call my sister-in-law to get her in on this. We’ll probably do some puppy-dog-eye persuading so that mom picks one of our houses for dinner, then surprise her with a bowl of this liquid gold before the meal. I’m thinking tears will be shed. Unless I butcher the recipe which is a real and imminent possibility. Yikes, right?

To all of you moms, grandmas, aunts and pet moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day!
Way to nurture those youngins.

Go make something awesome,

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