Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Kym Seabolt reminds readers why we need to make sure we keep up our "homemade" skills for the coming generations. 

Kymberly Foster Seabolt finds the urge to eat strikes far more than the urge to prepare meals does now that she's only cooking for two.

Use good food safety practices to cook corned beef for St. Patrick's Day. It should be handled with care to avoid foodborne illnesses.

The complicated assembly of a turducken leaves a lot of room for error. Learn how to safely store, handle and cook a turducken for Thanksgiving.

Learn how to safely can salsa by using research-tested recipes, following directions and using the right amounts of ingredients to maintain acidity.

Penn State Extension will focus on best practices in food preservation in its webinar series with topics ranging from jams and jellies to pressure canning. 

Penn State Extension will offer a "Let's Cook at Home: Vegetarian" cook-along webinar Sept. 27, from noon to 1 p.m. 

An abundance of cucumbers can be safely preserved for long-term storage by making freezer pickles. Learn how it works and how to make your first batch.

There’s an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables to eat. Why not try them on the grill? Learn how to prepare and grill produce.

Preserving squash and zucchini can be tricky. Learn the best practices for canning, freezing and drying squash and zucchini.