What we’re reading: 10/28

table with baking ingredients

Second time around. Meatloaf, chili and everything from the Thanksgiving table — they’re all on the list of what Paste magazine’s Sara Bir says makes the best leftovers ever, and we agree.

Still need a Halloween costume? Yeah, we know, it’s always down to the wire when it comes to throwing together a costume. I mean, we can never really decide if we want to go to a party in a stupid costume anyway. But this might be the year to try this do-it-yourself cake costume from Studio DIY on for size!

This takes ‘playing with your food’ to the next level. Country Living shares some of the work of fine art photographer Christopher Boffoli’s food landscape creations. You’ll want to check out the canoes navigating spilled milk and the skier winding down the slopes of a soft serve ice cream cone, along with the others.

Don’t pitch those celery leaves! An estimated 40 percent of all food produced in the United States is wasted, and about half of that loss happens in the home. In this Washington Post column, registered dietitian Ellie Krieger identifies the obvious food we all pitch (but shouldn’t!).

Garden facts. Did you know that there really isn’t a difference between red and green peppers, except that red peppers are ripe and the green ones aren’t? Read other lesser-known garden facts about zucchini, beans and more from Slate.

Cheers! New research has found that compared with a nightly glass of mineral water, a single glass of wine — red or white — offered those with well-managed Type 2 diabetes some benefits. Read more from the L.A. Times.

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