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Planning a weekend away with the family? Let help you find an event that’s fun for everyone. Our powerful online calendar, located at, makes finding local events as simple as a couple clicks of your mouse.

Begin by navigating to our Calendar page by going to the address above or by clicking “Events” in the gray menu bar near the top of the Web site. On the main Events page, you can find a list of all available events for the upcoming week.

If you’d like to narrow your results by date, location or keyword, click “Search” just underneath the green “Event Calendar” heading. The subsequent page has several options to help you find specific events.

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Find Local Events Using

Image tutorial broken down by option.

Narrow by Date

The “Date Range” option restricts search results to events between the entered Start and End Dates, which defaults to one month from the current date. Clicking either of the small calendar icons allows you to choose alternate dates from a small, interactive calendar.

Search by Keyword

The keyword option allows you to find an exact phrase within an event’s text. For example, a search for “Tractor Pull” will yield “Stock Tractor Pull” and “Garden Tractor Pull” but not “Tractor Championship Pull.” However, all of the above results could be found by searching “Tractor.” It’s completely up to you to decide how specific or general your keywords need to be, depending on what you’d like to find.

Select your Location

Below the keyword text box, you can choose to limit your search to individual cities, states or zip codes. If you click on any of the three underlined orange links, a drop-down list will appear that contains a list of available places. Choose any of the listed items or leave it on “All Cities” to search all available locations.

Choose Categories

The final option, “Categories,” allows you to search any combination of the following calendars: “Farm Events,” “Equine Events,” “Community Calendar” and “Truck & Tractor Pulls.” If you’re looking to attend a horse show, you might uncheck everything except “Equine Events” to narrow your search. If you’re simply looking for something to do and aren’t feeling particularly picky, you could check them all to get the most results.

Start Exploring!

Finally, when you click the “Begin Search” button, our system will look at all of the choices you made and return a list specially tailored to your preferences. The list will include the date, time, title and location for each of the events. If one of the events catches your eye, you can click its title to view more information about it, including a description of the event and contact details. Depending on the location, many of our events include links to an interactive map and today’s forecast for the area.
Looking for events on can be a fun and interesting experience, and we’re confident that there’s something for everyone to be found. Good luck and happy searching!


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