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The following story was submitted by Diedra and Terry Bloomer:
We subscribe to your paper and love reading every issue, but this week a funny thing happened and I wanted to share it. We live on a little farm of 40 acres and raise pigs. One of our grandsons (Riley, who is 4 years old) loves being on the farm and with the pigs. He says he is going to be a pig farmer when he gets big like Papa, which of course lights up his Papa. There is no part of the pigs that he doesn’t like. He loves feeding them, cleaning the pens, watching them be born, watching Papa when he has to castrate them or cut their teeth, just anything that has to do with the pigs. He will even sit on Papa’s lap for hours looking at different pigs on the Internet, which is very rare for him to sit still!! Yesterday his mom had a doctor’s appointment so I went along and sat in the van with him. Of course, he was getting restless and I just happened to have the latest issue of Farm and Dairy with me. From that point on, he sat still in his car seat reading Farm and Dairy. Now, how many other 4-year-olds would read (well, look at) your paper.

Thank you for your paper, we have always enjoyed it but I enjoyed it the most yesterday, as it kept my grandson occupied.
Loyal subscribers
Terry and Diedra Bloomer (and Riley too)


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