Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Lake Erie

Discover how the glaciers that once covered two-thirds of Ohio created habitats for both humans and wildlife and how that's still evident today.

The open water below flood control dams offers a good chance to catch saugeye, especially if a rain increases flow and adds a little color to the water.
Little brown bat

Bats are essential to many ecosystems ranging from rainforests to deserts and are a boon to agriculture. Learn how you can help populations in Ohio.
Dan Wright

The efforts of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife make walleye and saugeye fishing at inland lakes across Ohio possible.
wood frog

The University of Mount Union’s vernal pool in the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center attracts frogs, ducks, snakes, newts, fingernail clams and water fleas.
channel catfish

Ohio offers great opportunities for anglers to catch blue, flathead and channel catfish. Find out where they are stocked and plan your next fishing trip.

Ohio's deer population is just right, according to the latest Ohio Division of Wildlife survey. Find out what goes into managing Ohio's deer populations.
Lake Sturgeon

A group of scientists plan to spend the next few decades replenishing populations of lake sturgeons, particularly in Lake Erie.
Great blue heron chicks

It's only been in the last few years that waterfowl have returned to Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area near Shreve, Ohio after an absence of nearly two decades.
Josh Kuszmaul

Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, located west of Alliance, Ohio, houses many magnificent creatures that came from wildlife rehabilitation centers all over the U.S.