Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Alan Guebert reminds readers that when fear and anger at individuals replace love and duty for the nation, an honorable lion can become a gun-hiding mouse.

Alan Guebert offers insight on the White House's recent diplomacy with China.

Alan Guebert has ideas as to how the government can better help farmers and consumers, starting with an alternative to Sonny Perdue's "Harvest Box" idea.
farmers market

Alan Guebert ponders the problems in the current agricultural landscape and considers the idea of buying local as a potential solution.
Krikke pigs closeup

Alan Guebert breaks down factors affecting various agricultural markets during the COVID-19 shutdowns and subsequent economic downturn.
delayed planting, corn,

Alan Guebert ponders the need for a nationally coordinated food policy — both in the past and present times.

Alan Guebert believes rural America is perfectly primed for COVID-19 to spread. Find out how your community may be impacted in the long and short term.
Pennsylvania farm

Alan Guebert ponders whether we can have both dollar-driven efficiency and safety-centered resiliency as the overarching goal of American farm policy.
Corn emerging

As analysts account for the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, 2020 farm income prospects remain dismal.

As life ebbed and flowed, Alan Guebert's father rode it back and forth without fear or favor, remembering each day is a gift from God.