Thursday, November 21, 2019
USDA arch in Washington, D.C.

Alan Guebert believes moving two USDA agencies to Kansas City will cripple data collection, handcuff policymakers and gut both agencies for years to come.
Beef cattle eating

Alan Guebert offers insight on how groups fund research to confuse, mislead and redirect farmers, ranchers and naive policymakers away from solutions.

Alan Guebert recalls the quirks and differences of the two carpenters his father called to do work on his family farm in southern Illinois.

Alan Guebert sheds light on where we find ourselves in agriculture these days: a rabbit hole called 2019.
veggie burger

In his column this week, Alan Guebert sheds some light on the recent growth of the meatless meat market and tells farmers why they shouldn't even be mad.
census banner

Alan Guebert shares his insight on the United States' ongoing trade war with China and the impact it's having on American farmers.
jeans and boots

Alan Guebert recalls the pecking order in the hand-me-down cycle of his youth.
sun in corn field

Alan Guebert digs into the aftermath of the USDA's number-filled Crop Report and World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, released Aug. 12.

A long harvest and bitter winter loom, as President Donald Trump threatens even tougher trade sanctions on key U.S. food buyers beginning Sept. 1.
sleeping dog

Alan Guebert shares his thoughts on the proposed SNAP cuts that could drop 500,000 children from the free school lunch program amid farmers' aid payments.