Saturday, February 4, 2023
migrant workers pick strawberries

The Congressional split portends little compromise on most issues over the next two years and all but guarantees inaction on any immigration reform.
shipping containers

Rana Foroohar builds a strong case for neoliberalism’s continued weakening in her new book, “Homecoming," and the world should hope she’s right.
Pennsylvania farmland

Alan Guebert digs into the ranking GOP member of the House Ag Committee, Pennsylvania incumbent Glenn Thompson's views on ag policies.

Where were U.S. regulators in crypto’s long run-up and, now, in its swift, steep decline? Alan Guebert weighs in on the future regulation of cryptocurrency.
Mississippi River

Alan Guebert recalls late-summer campouts on the Mississippi with his older brother David during his youth.
Brazil soybean plantation

Alan Guebert follows the numbers around the world to identify commodity trends and all the way back to the U.S. where way too much was spent on elections.
grocery store

Alan Guebert breaks down the arguments that support Kroger and Albertsons potentially completing their recently announced $24.6-billion merger.
tractor stirring up dust in a field

Even at first glance, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's recently announced $3 billion Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities sounds like doublespeak.
grain silos

Population shifts around the world are likely good predictors of how demand in the agricultural industry will adapt in the long term.
USDA arch in Washington, D.C.

Alan Guebert proposes putting citizens and communities at the center of ag policy instead of markets and consumers and seeing what happens.