Saturday, January 22, 2022
Ethanol sign

Alan Guebert considers ag-aligned carbon markets, listening to Corn Saves America — an audio history of the marriage of environmental goals to farm needs.
sunset on a farm

Alan Guebert remembers the life of Neil Harl, following his death, and explains why he was the smartest person in the room wherever he went.

The backlog of almost everything not moving in or out of American ports is making farm and ranch groups increasingly frustrated as they face delays.
sonny perdue loads box

Two reports released in October revealed tens of millions in pandemic spending were wasted on programs run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
tractor stirring up dust in a field

Alan Guebert explains why no amount of net-this or net-that has a snowball’s chance in our ever-hotter world of ever working.

Corn and soybean farmers should begin to focus on what a return to “average” could bring after three years of government payments and wild market swings. 
John Deere

Wall Street is betting that tomorrow’s biggest, most autonomous farm equipment manufacturer will be Deere & Co, featuring driverless John Deere tractors.
barber shop

Alan Guebert recalls the Friday nights of his youth spent in town with his family, and later his brothers during his teenage years.
buffer strips

The American food system's focus on the bottom line restricts farmers' opportunities to implement science-backed conservation practices on their farms.

Alan Guebert explains why neither today’s tax laws nor the proposed American Family Plan creates a “death tax” crisis in any state or the U.S.