Thursday, January 23, 2020

In his column this week, Alan Guebert rehashes recent turmoil associated with the U.S.-China trade deal.
Dean Foods products

Dean Foods filed for bankruptcy Nov. 12, so what's next for the dairy market? Alan Guebert has some thoughts.
Ohio farmland

According to Alan Guebert, crazy seems to be exactly how business is done in American agriculture today.
corn kernels and dollar bills

Alan Guebert talks politics as yet another government shutdown looms a week before Thanksgiving.

Alan Guebert shares his concerns over the most recent version of the U.S.-China trade deal and the bigger picture regarding Chinese trade.

Will the futures traders' bet pay off again, with talks of a U.S.-China agricultural trade deal on the table? Alan Guebert shares his thoughts and concerns.
water quality, tile, CRP, Ohio farm

Alan Guebert offers his thoughts on recently proposed farmland drainage solutions and improvements.
Ohio farmland

Alan Guebert sheds light on government and private estimates that hundreds of millions of American farm acres will have new owners in the next 15 years.
USDA arch in Washington, D.C.

Alan Guebert believes moving two USDA agencies to Kansas City will cripple data collection, handcuff policymakers and gut both agencies for years to come.
Beef cattle eating

Alan Guebert offers insight on how groups fund research to confuse, mislead and redirect farmers, ranchers and naive policymakers away from solutions.