Friday, September 30, 2022
Farm and Food File

Farm and Food File

Ethanol sign

Perhaps, ethanol is not the direction we should be going, according to some academics from the corn belt. Alan Guebert weighs in on their perspective.

Alan Guebert reacts to the nearly 5,000 readers' comments posted online in response to sentiments from farmers included in a Washington Post article.
corn kernels and dollar bills

Alan Guebert peels back the economic theories that have shaped U.S. policy for decades and continue to play a part in government involvement in the markets.

Because of agriculture’s overall thirst, it is the biggest, fattest, slowest target in every effort to re-allocate today’s dwindling supplies of water.

Farm leaders in rural America are closely watching two recent moves into "Big Ag" by Costco and Walmart.
Dairy milking parlor/Farm and Dairy file photo

Every day was labor day on the dairy farm of Alan Guebert's youth. For Howard, the work and milking parlor conversations added up to a life he enjoyed.

A college friend once noted that everyone is missing one word from their personal vocabulary. "My missing word is modesty," he pronounced.

Four days before the seventh and final "listening session" June 1 to gather producer comments on NAIS, the National Animal Identification System, U.S. Secretary...

What was to be a clever, voter-sanctioned effort to fence out the animals-are-people-crowd in Ohio last year is, depending on your perspective, either a...

If there’s no such thing as a free lunch — and there isn’t: even the United States Department of Agriculture’s “free” National School Lunch...