Friday, September 30, 2022
Farm and Food File

Farm and Food File


Alan Guebert reacts to the nearly 5,000 readers' comments posted online in response to sentiments from farmers included in a Washington Post article.
aerial farmland

Should farmers be pleased that land prices appear to have room to rise or that today’s rocketing land prices might be running out of fuel?
Dean Foods products

Dean Foods filed for bankruptcy Nov. 12, so what's next for the dairy market? Alan Guebert has some thoughts.
sonny perdue loads box

Two reports released in October revealed tens of millions in pandemic spending were wasted on programs run by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Few sectors of the global economy are more hooked on gene modification technology than agriculture.
cattle feedlot

The owner of the largest cattle feedlot operation isn't a rancher, feedlot operator or meatpacker. It's "a private ... alternative asset management firm."

A lean hog is not a fat chicken but the marketing geniuses hired by the National Pork Board sure sold a lotta’ hams, bacons...
Ethanol sign

Alan Guebert predicts the bloodletting oil war's shock waves will pound the U.S. ethanol market throughout the spring and summer. 
angus calves in Carrollton, Ohio

Farm groups have joined voices to call on the USDA, Congress and the Department of Justice to ensure a more financially sustainable situation for cattlemen.
migrant workers pick strawberries

Alan Guebert investigates higher food prices. All too often the money doesn't flow to farmers, farmworkers or food processing and restaurant workers.